Recursion to get Directory List and showing it in TreeView.

October 7, 2006

Simple recursion to get all directories inside the specifed directory and then bind it to a TreeView

//Main method inside a Win Form
private static void Main()
TreeView tv=new TreeView();
DirectoryInfo dirInfo = new DirectoryInfo(“d:\\anyDir”);
TreeNode tn=new TreeNode(dirInfo.Name);
ProduceListing(dirInfo, ” “,tn);
tv.Location=new Point(5,5);
tv.Size=new Size(this.Width,this.Height);
private void ProduceListing(DirectoryInfo dirInfo,string Spacer,TreeNode TN)
foreach(DirectoryInfo subDir in dirInfo.GetDirectories())
TreeNode tn=new TreeNode(subDir.Name);
Console.WriteLine(Spacer + Spacer + “{0}”, subDir.Name);
if( subDir.GetDirectories().Length > 0 )
ProduceListing(subDir, Spacer + ” “,tn);



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