Do a google search from your office mail.

June 2, 2006

Heres a trick that can get you all the search results to your office mailbox. This is helpful when google is blocked for some stupid reasons.

To all those folks who cannot access internet from the office…there is No need of it… read down. To search and receive Google search results thru email. Try the info given below. Just send an email to and put the text of your query in the "Subject" line. You will receive the search results as email to your mail id.
Once you get the result for the searches… u can get the contents of a URL using the below feature!! To receive the web content of a url, send email to web@pagegetter.comand subject should contain the url whose content has to be fetched.  



One Response to “Do a google search from your office mail.”

  1. pranav13 Says:

    hi vaibhav,
    i have tried this. its not working.
    well… ur blog is kool, providing required technical to the needed.
    To the one who dont need that, it looks like an encrypted string. But, those who are in need of it, it meant so much. I am talking about the rare posts like VarPtr in .NET.

    Thanks for providing us this blog!

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